Jeong, Seokyung

Conveying story and message
through spatial experience.

Finding the interface between
brand story and customer
experience interpreting it
into an immersive scene.

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The ‘BGZT LAB’ in The Hyundai Seoul is the first offline space of ‘Bungae Jangter,’ the second-hand market platform. It focuses on providing experiences of second-hand trading beyond the functions of sales. Since it centers on limited edition sneakers, the appliances are modularized into one system, breaking away from the generic way of displaying products on racks and sales points. It is designed to serve as a community space where four hundred pairs of limited edition sneakers are displayed in a massive structure and where visitors can interact and share tastes with each other.  view the full work

Credit: Showmakers
Project Manager : Seongbong Jang
Design : Seokyung Jeong, Hemin Kim
Involvement :  Dierection, Design, Construction
Design Surface : 118㎡
Feb 2021