Jeong, Seokyung

Conveying story and message
through spatial experience.

Finding the interface between
brand story and customer
experience interpreting it
into an immersive scene.

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Barneys Newyork Beauty

BARNEYS NEWYORK BEAUTY (BNY Beauty) presents its first flagship store at Dosan. BNY BEAUTY is a global beauty brand that covers beauty, wellness, and water. BNY Beauty unfolds the unique story and world view about the origin of cosmetics. The ground floor is the place that visualizes Osela forest - the imaginary space which is the origin of the cosmetics. The sales zone has manifested an eco-friendly and eccentric space that seems as if a tree is covering the entire space from the floor and wall up to the ceiling. The form of furniture, which seems to be floating in the air, connects the fantasy narrative and space. The 2nd floor is the space that dynamically shows the BNY Beauty products. It emphasized the clean and modern product image by using actual materials of product containers

Credit: Showmakers
Project Manager : Seokyung Jeong
Design : Ubea Ko, Hemin Kim, Jiwon Seong
Involvement :  Dierection, Design, Construction
Design Surface : 1-3F 429㎡
Sep 2022