Jeong, Seokyung

Conveying story and message
through spatial experience.

Finding the interface between
brand story and customer
experience interpreting it
into an immersive scene.

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A Postpartumcarecenter Lobby

Is using expensive finish and furniture a luxury design?
Through this project, I wanted to express that luxury is to provide a special experience away from the everyday environment for a specific target. In this particular case, comfortable resting space for mothers who have just given birth, but in a vacation spot abroad. According to the concept of the postpartum care center, "nest", we envisioned a new luxury space that has not been seen in Korea by harmonizing large plants of Southeast Asia, primitive objects, and bold furniture by Kelly Wearstler.

Credit: Showmakers
Project Manager : Seokyung Jeong
Design : Ubea Ko, Hemin Kim, Jiwon Seong
Involvement :  Dierection, Design
Design Surface : 429㎡
Oct 2021